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Aircooled Werk - Ringgold, Georgia 30736 

Aircooled Werk warrants stock rebuilt transaxles for the period of 48 
from date of purchase with unlimited mileage against shifting and quiet operation. Warranty is transferable and is valid with receipt of purchase.

Warranty does NOT cover GEAR, MAINSHAFT OR AXLE DAMAGE or BREAKAGE, including all gears, main shaft and ring & pinion gears.

Warranty for stock VW transaxles applies only to parts replaced or labor performed and includes:
- Bearing failure
- Synchronizer failure
- Seal and gasket failure
- Shifting problems (unusually hard to shift or pops out of gear)

We take pride in our top quality rebuilt transaxles. These units are rebuilt with many new parts and should provide years of service under normal driving conditions. Warranty does not include compensation for removal or replacement into the vehicle unless explicitly agreed by prior arrangements in which case we do not pay the full retail labor or cover any incidental costs (oil, brake fluid, clutch release bearings, axle boots or other external parts or materials) for any warranty problem. Only return shipping will be provided at no cost.
Please contact Aircooled Werk to confirm that a problem exists before removing the transaxle from the vehicle.
We strongly suggest running the vehicle for 500 to 1000 miles, then change gear oil. This assures any contaminants are flushed out and will not cause further damage. Change gear oil at least every 30,000 miles or 3 years. We suggest the use of VW’s recommended oil type and specifications.


Engine conversions will limit the warranty due to the “enhanced” power the transmission has to endure. Usually, the driver tends to use all that mega power wearing things out prematurely. Most stock transaxles were designed for around 60 HP and will wear faster with more HP. This accelerated wear and stress increases the probability of internal damage. Abuse (intentional or not) is not covered and voids the warranty. Broken or stripped gears, driving with low 
(or without) oil voids the warranty.
We will not warranty any unit run low on oil, even if there is a seal failure. It is your responsibility to check fluid levels especially in case of oil leaks, as it is beyond our control. Stop driving the moment any problem appears. Excessive power or shifting force that causes a part to break, or any use for which the transmission was not originally designed will also void the warranty (and we can certainly tell what happened).
Please be especially careful of reverse gear. It is inherently weak so care must be used to assure reverse is fully engaged. Unintentional abuse is almost always the cause of reverse failure. Excessive loading while backing uphill, not being put completely into gear or putting into reverse while moving forward are the usual causes. Please have the installing shop demonstrate the correct method of engaging reverse.
Some whine or gear noise cannot be avoided at times as new parts are not available.

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